In the vines

Integrated into its territory

Voluntarist and committed, the team at Château La Dominique seeks to minimize the impact of different gestures on the environment with the obsession of the preservation of fauna and flora. For Château La Dominique, it is still a question of thinking of itself as a farm, with a holistic viticultural vision to move away from a monoculture logic. In this way, the team is setting up cover crops to reduce soil tillage and that the agroforestry approach will eventually make it possible to develop greater biodiversity and contribute to better management of wildlife and their habitats.

Une quête de précision

Suitable sizes, integral winemaking in Tava© amphorae according to the plots and the increase in the share of cabernet franc should allow to gain in finesse and elegance. With this quest for precision, Yann Monties, the Technical Director, is now reorienting the wines of Château La Dominique towards even greater excellence.

On 18 January 2022, Vignobles Clément Fayat joined the VitiRev Innovation Fund, the first European fund dedicated to the ecological transition of the wine sector, alongside the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Bank of Territories

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Équilibre dans l'élevage

During breeding, it is the quest for a preserved fruit that dictates the choices of the cellar master.

The wine is divided between new barrels, one-wine barrels and amphorae.
A matter of subtle balances.

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